HereWeGrow is a nonprofit organisation based in Hamburg, Germany. Our work is primarily financed through the Max and Ingeburg Herz Foundation. Both organisations share the same goal of improving the livelihoods of coffee farmers and their families. Our focus lies on the two million coffee farming households in Ethiopia – and on the use of approaches that truly make a difference.

Worldwide about 12.5 million farming households are dependent on coffee production for their income. Despite the continuous increase in consumption, this income is rarely sufficient, especially for smallholder farmers. The lack of livelihood security is a major challenge for farmers and their families.
In the global value chain the producers themselves are often the weakest participants. Smallholder farmers carry the biggest risk concerning market-based dynamics, such as price fluctuations, and are highly dependent on external factors which are out of their control, such as climate change.

Now for the good news: many of these coffee farmers are able to increase their income and improve their livelihoods noticeably with the use of relatively simple methods. We are committed to support farmers in this endeavour by collaborating with different non-profit organisations in the sector to drive change. This is our approach:

Direct support on the ground.
Visit, talk, act. Once we get to know the farmers, we co-develop approaches to facilitate improvements of the local social and economic situation. Our direct focus is to increase the income of farming households. In addition, we aim to enable households to use their resources most effectively for the benefit of all household members. This could include trainings, direct financial contributions or investments in essential infrastructure.

In terms of geography we are focussing our efforts on Ethiopia. Not only is the coffee sector a major contributor to the economy of the country, but Ethiopia is also offering vast potential for yield- and quality-improvements as well as a distinct local coffee culture.

Transforming a whole sector.
Often, structural deficits are the reason that coffee farmers find themselves at a disadvantage. For this reason, we’re supporting the development of innovative solutions to increase knowledge, transparency and justice in the coffee sector, both nationally and internationally.

If you support the growth of others, be prepared to grow yourself
We remain rookies, continue to ask questions, and to learn more about our work every day. For us, this is the only way to keep improving.

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