To provide the best support for farmer households, we want to work with the most effective organisations.

We want to maximise our impact for farming households and their communities. To achieve this, we are focusing on the continuous, collaborative assessment of existing processes with our implementing partners. We are striving to change the status quo in the realm of development cooperation. Therefore, we select our partners with special care.

Knowing impact and effectiveness.
Good is, what works. If we decide to work with an organisation, the numbers must add up. Thus, we require comprehensive impact assessments in order to analyse the effectiveness of an intervention.

A local presence.
Whilst numbers are good, they don’t show the whole picture. We want to be present right where it happens and are not only interested in seeing results and progress on paper. This is the only way for us to fully understand cause-and-effect relationships. To better serve this purpose, we have established local structures which provide us with a good overview of the local situation.

Lateral thinking? Yes, please.
We want to grow and act together with the farmers and our implementing partners. Therefore, we are constantly assessing whether and how our methods could be more effective. That is why we need partners that are keen to try out new approaches as well as to improve established processes.