What: Enhancing farm resilience and productivity for 500 smallholder coffee farming households through integrated farm planning (IFP)

Where: Busiriba sub-county, Kamwenge district and Kicheche sub-county, Kitagwenda district, Uganda

When: 2024

Our project partner Joint Effort to Save the Environment (JESE) is implementing a one-year project in Busiriba subcounty of Kamwenge district and Kicheche sub-county of Kitagwenda district in Western Uganda, co-funded by W.P. Schmitz foundation and HereWeGrow. The project aims to support 500 smallholder coffee farming households, enhancing their resilience, productivity, and income. Notably, it seeks to increase women's involvement in decision-making processes through the Integrated Farm Planning (IFP) approach.


  • Develop integrated farm plans for 100% of participating households
  • Increase adoption of agroecological practices by 45%
  • Raise the use of appropriate coffee harvest and post-harvest techniques by 40%
  • Increase the number of households reporting improved income by 20%
  • Enhance women's participation in decisions regarding resource utilization and household income by 10%

The approach

The IFP approach focuses on developing a long-term vision for farms, addressing income and food security. It involves all household members in creating a comprehensive plan covering various activities beyond coffee production. JESE, the implementation partner, leverages its three-decade experience and employs diverse approaches to empower smallholder farmers, particularly vulnerable groups.

Exploring new frontiers

This project is HereWeGrow's inaugural venture in Uganda, marking our first co-funded initiative with a local NGO. Despite the one-year duration, internal monitoring will provide insights into the IFP approach's functionality and the region. Co-funding is facilitated by W.P. Schmitz Foundations through the Development Cooperation Small Projects Fund (Website), primarily supported by Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), aimed at assisting non-governmental organizations in the Global South to contribute to development goals.