What: Analysis of farm data
Where: Äthiopien
When: 2018 – 2019

The U.S. nonprofit organization Enveritas collects data on sustainability parameters in the coffee sector worldwide to enable stakeholders in the sector to address problems in a more targeted manner and, in particular, to support smallholder farmers more effectively.

To this end, Enveritas also conducted a wide-ranging coffee sector mapping exercise in Ethiopia. The data was collected during the 2018/2019 harvest period. In total, more than 13,000 farm households were surveyed in Oromia and SNNP regions in the following zones: Borena, Guji, Ilu Abba Bora, Jimma, Segen, West Arsi, West Guji, Gedeo and Sidama. The project was funded by Livius gGmbH. Two documents were produced as part of the data analyses:

Poverty and Sustainability among Smallholder Farmers.

First, an analysis of the economic situation of smallholder farmers was conducted and the expression of the different PPI parameters was analyzed. In the second step, the correlation between the economic situation of the farmers and 30 different sustainability parameters was evaluated.

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Index for the rejuvenation of coffee farms

During the research it also became clear that especially the rejuvenation of unproductive coffee trees can have a strong impact on the income situation of smallholder farmers. For this reason, Enveritas has developed an index that shows in which regions this practice would bring the highest benefit. For this purpose, 7 different factors such as coffee prices, age of the trees or cultivation height were analyzed.

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